Need an Inspection?

Termites may look harmless, but they can be one of the worst enemies you can face as a homeowner. If you let them, termites can destroy your home from the inside out or seriously mess with the structural integrity of your home. They can also invade your food supplies and make life really uncomfortable in your home.

The first step to avoiding a termite infestation or getting rid of them when they do invade is a termite inspection. first of all, every homeowner needs to do a termite inspection at least once every year regardless of whether or not their home is infested. The best way to beat these tiny destructive creatures is through early detection.

We provide termite inspection services for homeowners who need to get rid of termites in their home or homeowners who just need to be sure that their home is free from termites.

How it works

When you hire us, our team will arrive at your home armed to the tooth with all the tools and equipment we need to find the termites and their entry points.

We start our termite inspection with some of the common areas that termites are known to inhabit. This includes external areas like the yard, lawn, garden, and woodpiles followed by internal areas like the basement, attic, crawlspace, kitchen, and any other area we think the termites could be hiding in. If the homeowner knows of a particular area where the ants could have infested, we will start from there.

If there are no signs of a termite infestation, well and good. However, if we do find termites, we can help you get rid of them permanently.

Why Us?

We are the best termite inspection company for a reason. We have experienced staff equipped with the best tools to ensure we find all the termites and leave no stone unturned. Whether you need a termite inspection for your peace of mind or you want one done before buying or selling a property, we are your guy!

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